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Why the Future of Healthcare Is Value-Based

With Guest Speaker
Harry Nelson

The Illuminare Podcast
with Dr. Ronit Molko

Listen to podcasts hosted by Dr. Ronit Molko covering a wide range of topics, trends, and forces shaping the behavior health industry.

November 18

Redefining Normal: Perspectives from an Autistic Self Advocate

With Guest Speaker
Christine Motokane
On Episode 6 of my podcast, I am joined by Christine Motokane, an autistic self-advocate, special education paraeducator and author of Working the Double Shift: A Young Woman’s Journey with Autism. Christine and I sat down for an important conversation about acceptance, self-advocacy and the importance of supporting and empowering individuals who are on the …
November 4

Hijacking the Brain’s Response to Stress

With Guest Speaker
Dr. Evian Gordon
According to research conducted by The Mental Health Foundation this year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. A staggering statistic that we must not ignore! In Episode 4 of my podcast, I had the pleasure of diving into this important topic with my friend and colleague, …
October 9

Intro: An Introduction to the Illuminare Podcast

With Guest Speaker
Ronit Molko, PhD., BCBA-D
The Illuminare Podcast dives deep inside behavioral health topics to shine a bright light on the forces shaping this industry’s future: technology, research, development and more. Join me, Dr. Ronit Molko, as I interview top innovators and operators in the behavioral health field about the future of the industry and more.