The Illuminare Podcast dives deep inside behavioral health topics to shine a bright light on the forces shaping this industry’s future: technology, research, development and more.

Join me, Dr. Ronit Molko, as I interview top innovators and operators in the behavioral health field about the future of the industry and more.

About the Guest Speaker
Ronit Molko, PhD., BCBA-D
Dr. Ronit Molko is an experienced advisor and board member who combines clinical knowledge with business acumen in order to transform, grow, and scale businesses to exceptional clinical and financial outcomes. Trained and still licensed as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Molko brings a deep understanding of the behavioral health industry. Her understanding of the health care ecosystem from all sides allows her to identify opportunities for M&A, partnership, acquisition, and growth, new markets, and achieve successful post-deal integration.

Dr. Molko’s most recent CEO experience was in the behavioral health industry, where she co-founded, grew, and sold a highly successful business, Autism Spectrum Therapies, and stayed on to lead and expand the business with the private equity backed owner. Her business was one of the first national ABA platform companies.

Today, Dr. Molko is CEO of Empowering Synergy, an advisory firm to private equity focusing on due diligence and post-deal integration. Her firm advises on issues relating to company culture, employee engagement and retention, strategic initiatives to enable growth and scale, and achieving exceptional operational efficiency and financial performance.

Dr. Molko is also the co-founder of the Autism Investor Summit (AIS), an annual conference that brings together stakeholders in autism and behavioral health service to advance services and improve outcomes for businesses and consumers alike.