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to empower investors, organizations, service providers, and communities to transform the autism services industry. The rapid increase in the prevalence of autism provides great opportunities for investors to scale profitable businesses while also reshaping the future of an essential industry and positively impacting the lives of individuals, their families and their communities. Working together, we can help empower individuals with autism to develop sustainable, functional, and meaningful life-long skills leading them to fulfilled, self-determined lives.

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Autism Matters

We are approaching a critical time in autism services. Each day the number of maturing individuals living in our communities without the ability to live and work independently is climbing. To empower genuine quality of life, providers must view each child they work with as the adult they will one day become, and provide programs with more functional and relevant long-term outcomes.

In her book Autism Matters, published by ForbesBooks, Dr. Ronit Molko takes a critical look at the autism services industry and calls upon providers, clinicians and investors to innovate the current model of service delivery, forge new programs and create opportunities that will better equip autistic individuals with the skills they need to build quality, self-determined, independent lives.

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Uniting the community toward a common goal

A licensed clinical psychologist and cofounder of one of the largest autism service providers in the nation, Dr. Ronit Molko has nearly 30 years of experience serving the autism community. With her unique combination of clinical, service and business expertise, Ronit is leading the nationwide movement toward improved long-term outcomes for people with autism. Today she serves as a consultant for investors seeking to understand the investment opportunities the field of autism services presents, and the ways their capital can generate strong returns while making a positive impact on individual lives, and the world.

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