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Advancing the autism services industry through information, education, analysis and investment guidance

— By Dr. Ronit Molko

Where and what are the opportunities for investment in the autism services industry?

In 2014, Dr. Ronit Molko sold the company she co-founded and built into one of the largest national autism service providers in the USA. . After the sale, Dr. Molko—a licensed clinical psychologist—found herself with a unique opportunity. By performing due diligence and healthcare services consulting for high-level investors and through interviews with numerous stakeholders in the autism marketplace, she began to view the entire industry from a different perspective. With this new perspective she stopped to ask herself: How have we as an industry performed? Where are we falling short? How do we evolve autism services? How do we do better?

The answers to these questions led Dr. Molko to author her first book, Autism Matters: Empowering Investors, Providers, and the Autism Community to Advance Autism Services. The book, published by ForbesBooks, is a critical and important review of what the autism services industry looks like today, where it is failing and why investment in this market is beneficial for investors, providers and consumers of these services.

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Autism Matters explores the most important topics in autism services today including:

“Simply put, reading Autism Matters changed the trajectory of my life. Prior to reading Dr. Molko’s book, I had two distinct goals: 1) As someone with a business background and a passion for investing, I was building a career in private equity. 2) As the brother of a special needs sister with Rett Syndrome, I was relentlessly advocating for her and for Rett Syndrome research.

After reading Dr. Molko’s book, I discovered I could, and should, combine my passion for helping individuals with special needs with my business skills. Subsequently, I left my job in investing to make a positive difference in the lives of those living with ASD, their families and their communities. The deeply personal connection I have to Autism and the huge potential for social impact has made my new path incredibly fulfilling. I hope there will be many others who will be so profoundly impacted by Dr. Molko’s enlightening book.”

— Brad Zelinger, Founder at Bedford Grove Capital

Autism Matters book cover

Pick up your copy of Autism Matters today and join the movement to make a positive change and empower the autistic community.

Together with investors, autism services can impact not only individuals and their families, but entire communities. It is inexcusable that such a large and important segment of our population must accept declining quality and poor long-term outcomes as the status quo. Anything short of a community of adults living fulfilled lives to their fullest possible potential is a societal failure.