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A leading behavioral health expert and pioneer in autism treatment and awareness.

Drawing upon over three decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, entrepreneur, business executive and senior advisor, Dr. Ronit Molko is in the unique position of understanding the entire behavioral healthcare landscape, including all of its nuances, as well as the pathway ahead.


Bringing light to the pathway ahead

A dedicated advocate for personal empowerment, excellent clinical outcomes and superior business performance, Dr. Ronit Molko is a pioneering figure in the field of autism and behavioral healthcare. With over three decades of experience spanning clinical psychology, entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and senior advisory to investors, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Her areas of practice encompass advising investors on mergers and acquisitions, providing organizational consulting to enhance performance, and relationship counseling to individuals and families, emphasizing the importance of quality services and innovative tools in behavioral health.

A personal journey

Dr. Molko’s journey into behavioral healthcare was ignited by her childhood experiences, where she witnessed her mother’s courageous battle with mental illness. This instilled in her a deep-seated passion for psychology and a commitment to empowering others to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Launching new business solutions to the industry

Dr. Molko co-founded Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST) in 2001, one of the first service providers focused on providing comprehensive behavioral services to families of children with autism. Under her leadership, AST grew into a nationally recognized provider, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, social skills, and adaptive behaviors to enable individuals to lead self-directed lives. In 2014, Dr. Molko sold AST to Learn Behavioral (Learn-It Systems) and worked as a strategic advisor to the company. In 2019, she co-founded the Autism Investor Summit, an annual conference that brings together stakeholders in autism and behavioral health services to advance the industry and enhance outcomes for businesses and consumers alike.

A Return to Mental Health Services

Recently, Dr. Molko felt a calling to return to her roots in mental health therapy. Driven by her core values of personal empowerment and meaningful outcomes, and the significant increase in mental health diagnoses, Dr. Molko resumed her focus on therapy, leveraging her expertise to guide individuals through challenges such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. Her therapeutic approach is rooted in helping clients explore their traumas and tap into their inner strengths, providing them with the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives. Beyond traditional therapy methods, Dr. Molko extends her support to individuals undergoing innovative treatments such as Ketamine-assisted therapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy, facilitating transformative healing experiences. Her newly established business, Advaya, provides a comprehensive array of therapeutic services tailored for individuals seeking personal and interpersonal healing, growth, and development.

Current Focus

Today, Dr. Molko continues to make a profound impact in the behavioral health sector, serving as a senior advisor and board member for global companies. Her unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and her passion for mental health and behavioral health advocacy remain at the forefront of her work, shaping a future where everyone has the opportunity to find purpose and thrive.

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Board Service

LEARN Behavioral

Independent Director

Dr. Molko serves as an independent director and audit committee member for LEARN Behavioral, a Gryphon Investors-owned network of providers of autism and special needs care. With 50 facilities in 15 states, LEARN Behavioral delivers care virtually and in-person. Dr. Molko sold her business, Autism Spectrum Therapies, to LEARN in 2014

Radicle Health

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Molko is a board member for the Radicle Health Advisory Board which is an operator of market-leading SaaS platforms in human services.


Chief Client & Service Liaison Independent Director

Boost is an enterprise SaaS AI practice intelligence platform designed for ABA companies that is expanding into the behavioral health space. Dr. Molko is an independent board member and the Chief Client & Services Liaison for SIDIS Health.


Board Member

Goally is a provider of a suite of digital therapy applications for individuals with special needs where Dr. Molko served as an independent board member from 2020-2021

Galt Foundation

Board Member

Galt Foundation is a national non-profit staffing company for adults with disabilities. Dr. Molko served for 6 years (2015-2021) as an independent board member and as Board Secretary, Governance Committee Chair, and on the audit and compensation committees.


During her time as CEO of AST, Dr. Molko launched and grew the company into a 1000+-person operation providing long-term, sustainable solutions that improved daily life for clients and their families, across multiple states. Her strong business acumen and savvy management drove the planned national expansion and growth to 30% annually.


As CEO of Empowering Synergy, Dr. Molko leverages her combined business and clinical expertise to assist clients in strategic expansion, M&A, cultivating valuable business partnerships, and refining their vision, mission, strategy, and corporate culture. She also conducts buy-side due diligence for investors focusing on behavioral healthcare.


Dr. Molko’s received her Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Science & Family Life from the University of Kansas; her M.S. in Psychology from Claremont Graduate University; and her B.A. in Psychology from AJU. 

Dr. Molko is  a graduate of Harvard’s OPM (Owner/President Management) executive leadership program, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (CA & WA) and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

Awards and Recognition

LA BIZ Women of Influence

L.A. Biz’s Women of Influence Award

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Mickey Weiss Award for Outstanding Alumni from the American Jewish University

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The World of Difference 100 Award in Education from The International Alliance for Women

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Enterprising Woman of the Year Award from Enterprising Women magazine

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Smart Leader Award from Orange County’s Smart Leaders