On Episode 6 of my podcast, I am joined by Christine Motokane, an autistic self-advocate, special education paraeducator and author of Working the Double Shift: A Young Woman’s Journey with Autism. 

Christine and I sat down for an important conversation about acceptance, self-advocacy and the importance of supporting and empowering individuals who are on the autism spectrum.

Join us for invaluable insight from Christine as she shares more about her journey as an autistic adult!



About the Guest Speaker
Christine Motokane
Christine Motokane is an autistic self advocate. She graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A. in psychology. Currently, she is employed as a special education paraeducator helping high school students with developmental disabilities.

In 2014, Christine wrote an autobiography titled “Working the Double Shift A Young Woman’s Journey with Autism”. She has spoken about her experiences with various groups and organizations and conferences. Her goal is to spread autism acceptance and to educate others about the need to create a variety of supports and opportunities for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities in the areas of employment, postsecondary education, housing and social/recreation.