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Advocating for our Edlers & Bridging Generations

With Guest Speaker
David Romanelli

The Illuminare Podcast
with Dr. Ronit Molko

Listen to podcasts hosted by Dr. Ronit Molko covering a wide range of topics, trends, and forces shaping the behavior health industry.

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January 13

Technology and Behavioral Health: AI, Diagnostics, and the “Smart” Home

With Guest Speaker
Scott Klososky
In Episode 11, Scott Klososky and I wrap up our discussion by exploring how artificial intelligence technologies influence behavioral health and patient care. Join us as we dive deeper into of AI, covering topics such as whether we should worry about AI technology in the future and the skepticism on being able to diagnosis diseases …
January 6

How Data is Driving our Healthcare Industry

With Guest Speaker
Scott Klososky
I’m thrilled to feature Scott Klososky again on my podcast, and this time as my first guest of 2021. Scott is know as a futurist as well as  visionary in technology. He provides a unique outlook on how data and technology is influencing healthcare in today’s world. In this episode, we continue our conversation about …
December 16

The Impact of Peak Performance Leadership in Healthcare

With Guest Speaker
Chris McGoff
In Episode 9 of The Illuminare Podcast, Chris McGoff joins me for part two of our conversation around tensions in healthcare, as we dive more specifically into how culture and peak performance impact the industry! As Chris states, “Culture is the most valuable off-balance sheet asset a company has.” In our discussion we focus on …
December 9

Technology and Behavioral Health: An Overview of the Future

With Guest Speaker
Scott Klososky
In this episode of The Illuminare Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with my friend and colleague,  Scott Klososky, a technologist, global speaker, author and founder of The Future Point of View. Scott brings to the show a global perspective on the future of technology and its role in healthcare. Join us for part …
December 2

Tensions in Healthcare: Why is Culture So Important?

With Guest Speaker
Chris McGoff
On Episode 7 of The Illuminare Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with my dear friend and colleague Chris McGoff, author, speaker, and founder of The Clearing Inc, who joined me for a conversation about tensions in healthcare. In part-one of our conversation we dove into how these tensions impact business operations and how …
November 18

Redefining Normal: Perspectives from an Autistic Self Advocate

With Guest Speaker
Christine Motokane
On Episode 6 of my podcast, I am joined by Christine Motokane, an autistic self-advocate, special education paraeducator and author of Working the Double Shift: A Young Woman’s Journey with Autism. Christine and I sat down for an important conversation about acceptance, self-advocacy and the importance of supporting and empowering individuals who are on the …
November 10

Preparing Your Autistic Child for Adulthood

With Guest Speaker
Mari-Anne Kehler
On this episode of The Illuminare Podcast, I am joined by my dear friend, Mari-Anne Kehler, parent and fellow advocate for autistic individuals, for a personal and insightful discussion about raising an autistic child and preparing for adulthood and the future. Join us as Mari-Anne and I dive deep into the importance of teaching independence, …
November 4

Hijacking the Brain’s Response to Stress

With Guest Speaker
Dr. Evian Gordon
According to research conducted by The Mental Health Foundation this year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. A staggering statistic that we must not ignore! In Episode 4 of my podcast, I had the pleasure of diving into this important topic with my friend and colleague, …