I’m thrilled to feature Scott Klososky again on my podcast, and this time as my first guest of 2021. 

Scott is know as a futurist as well as  visionary in technology. He provides a unique outlook on how data and technology is influencing healthcare in today’s world. 

In this episode, we continue our conversation about technology and healthcare, we explore how data helps create more customized treatment options and is shaping the future of patient care. 

About the Guest Speaker
Scott Klososky
Throughout his career, Scott Klososky has lived on the leading edge of technology innovation and its impact on the business world and society. He is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and provide the logic behind why they will alter the current status quo.

Scott is the founder of numerous successful technology startup companies, including Future Point of View (FPOV), a digital strategy firm. FPOV focuses on architecting world-class digital strategies, and in the process
helps clients to raise revenue, lower costs and become leaders in their industry.

This has helped Scott gain a unique perspective into technology’s impact on industry and humanity. He is not just an observer of digital trends, he has routinely invested in his future visions with a great track record of success. This unique perspective and future vision have allowed Scott to travel the globe as a speaker, consultant, and author. He works with senior executives in organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to universities, nonprofits, and countless professional associations and coalitions.

Scott has authored numerous books, including:

  • Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity

  • The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision & Culture to Future-Proof Your Organization

  • Enterprise Social Technology: Harnessing the Power of Social Media, Social Networking, Social Relevancy

  • Manager’s Guide to Social Media (A McGraw Hill Brief Case Series Book) Jumpstart Productivity, Profitability, and Business Growth with Social Media