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Advocating for our Edlers & Bridging Generations

With Guest Speaker
David Romanelli

The Illuminare Podcast
with Dr. Ronit Molko

Listen to podcasts hosted by Dr. Ronit Molko covering a wide range of topics, trends, and forces shaping the behavior health industry.

October 20

Five Drivers in Healthcare and their impact on Behavioral Health, Part 2

With Guest Speaker
Harry Nelson
Episode 2 of my Illuminare Podcast focuses on the driving forces in today’s world that shape behavioral health. It’s the second installment in an enlightening two-part series about key issues affecting the standard of behavioral health care — both now, and into the future. I’m thrilled to welcome back my guest, bestselling author and legal …
October 14

Five Drivers in Healthcare and their impact on Behavioral Health, Part 1

With Guest Speaker
Harry Nelson
There are so many challenges, trends and developments affecting the behavioral health industry today that it can be difficult to keep up, much less predict where things are headed next. That’s why I’m kicking off The Illuminare Podcast with a two-part series on the Five Drivers in Healthcare and Their Impact on Behavioral Health. For …
October 9

Intro: An Introduction to the Illuminare Podcast

With Guest Speaker
Ronit Molko, PhD., BCBA-D
The Illuminare Podcast dives deep inside behavioral health topics to shine a bright light on the forces shaping this industry’s future: technology, research, development and more. Join me, Dr. Ronit Molko, as I interview top innovators and operators in the behavioral health field about the future of the industry and more.