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Executive Consulting Services

Guidance and leadership on the path to success.

Behavioral healthcare is complex, and the increase in prevalence of some behavioral health challenges is driving further complexity. Not to mention urgency. For some people with behavioral health conditions, the pathway to care and independence is challenging to follow.

Dr. Ronit Molko’s wealth of knowledge is as unique as her ability to impart it. As a corporate consultant, Dr. Molko helps organizations navigate pathways through the most complex levels of behavioral healthcare.

Shaping a clear vision of the future through:

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Driving smart business during times of change

In times of staff company turnover or transition, Dr. Molko offers smart strategies and streamlined processes that can make a positive impact on revenue and the bottom line—easily mitigating any concerns for the cost of consultant services. Dr. Molko can also help guide organizations toward increased employee engagement, identifying blinds spots,  and improving customer satisfaction. 

Fostering harmony and a common purpose

Achieving harmony in the workplace means more than just “getting along.” You need a unified vision, a common mission and an intentional culture, even among distributed workforces, that’s communicated by strong leadership and championed in every corner of the business. Dr. Molko helps companies shape a vision of the future and then communicate it in an inspiring and galvanizing way.

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Consulting services: Four areas of focus

Operational design: Assessing and improving operations with more efficient processes and a better customer experience

Building high-value relationships: Establishing and nurturing relationships and an intentional culture between companies, stakeholders, customers and employees to improve company and consumer outcomes and service delivery

Strategic alignment consulting: Helping to bring your vision, mission, and strategic alignment into sharper focus.

Organizational Transformation: Declaring and living an intentional company culture is the key to success.


February 27

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