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Mari-Anne Kehler is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Green Hasson Janks (GHJ) and currently leads their Advisors’ strategy, business development and marketing. She is also a Strategist for GHJ Foundation, GHJ’s vehicle for purposeful and proactive giving to the community.

She has more than 30 years of experience as a high-impact leader who successfully expands business through action by using core skills of teaming, coaching, strategy development, program execution, measurement and innovation.

Mari-Anne has been active in the community in the areas of disability awareness and fundraising and in mentoring families and professionals for almost two decades. Her particular specialty is creating successful transition strategies to optimize the special needs journey into adulthood.

In addition to serving on numerous nonprofit boards, she is also a speaker focusing on the topic of disabilities: awareness, transition to adulthood and the impact on families.

Her book “Putting the Profit in Nonprofit” was a #1 e-book bestseller on Amazon.