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David Romanelli is a #1 bestselling author, international speaker, and your guide to bringing old wisdom and ancient healing practices to your modern life.

David got his start when a friend invited him to a yoga class back in 1996. He was hooked and ended up quitting his job and moving to Phoenix to co-found the nation’s first chain of boutique yoga studios. These studios became a pioneering effort in the national yoga scene, fusing Western culture’s fashion, music and technology with Eastern culture’s sacred rituals and ancient tradition.

Having established a career in the world of wisdom, David discovered a massive disconnect. In 2010, he lost his last surviving grandparent. He saw the challenges she faced in the final years of her life. She was living in a retirement community that was cut off from the flow of the surrounding population. She had little sense of purpose. She was surrounded by other elders who were also lonely and isolated and yet, they had this precious resource of wisdom that was largely ignored.

In memory of his grandmother, David started to work with a charity, Search and Care, that helps elders in need. He met a 111 year old lady who inspired his next book, Happy is the New Healthy. It was named a Top 10 Healthy Book to Read by Well + Good and has twice reached #1 on Amazon’s Healthy Living Bestseller List.

David initiates connection and conversation between the old and the young. Our elders in their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s fought in WWII, survived the Holocaust, marched for civil rights. They are our most precious resource of wisdom and history. Yet, most elders lack a voice in popular culture, and live out their final years in isolation. We can do better. We have to better.

David continues to lead daily meditations inspired by life lessons from the oldest and wisest people among us. He speaks to organizations around the world on what we need to hear from people who have been through it all.

“The elders will teach you something that you cannot learn from the most famous bestselling authors or the most high-impact business coaches or the most polished self-help gurus.”

Countless professionals, parents, and partners have walked the earth before us. They’ve had triumph and failures…booms and busts…and have the advice we all need to hear…if only we would listen.