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January 30

The Opportunities for Investors in Autism Services

By Ronit Molko, Ph.D., BCBA-D The landscape for investment opportunities in autism services is growing and changing at a dizzying pace. As the diagnosis rate of children identified with autism spectrum disorder approaches 2.5 percent—nearly tripling since 2002—the demand for services is mushrooming. The marketplace is also beginning to demand more sophisticated models of care …
January 24

Individuals with Autism Need Love Too

One of the most persistent misconceptions about people with autism spectrum disorder is that they are automatons without emotion. This arises from the fact that autism is at its core a communication disorder. People on the spectrum often struggle to show emotion, which can give the impression that they are uncaring. Studies have shown that …
December 30

Five Factors Investors Should Consider When Exploring Autism Services Companies

The field of autism services is experiencing considerable growth; a trend that looks to continue for some time. An increase in diagnostic prevalence, as well as an aging population of adults living with autism, will continue to increase the demand for services for the foreseeable future. As the demand for autism services continues to grow, …
Close up view of upset couple, guy holding hands of crying woman
December 17

Public Awareness and Understanding Create Safer Environments for Individuals with Autism

Most of the intellectual, emotional, and physical energy devoted to people with autism spectrum disorders focuses on their behavior and their understanding of the world. There is another component. Our behavior and our understanding of them. Imagine you were just as intelligent as everyone around you but functioned differently. You lacked the ability to communicate, …
drawing a human head and brain with chalk symbol of mental health issues in youth
November 13

Autistic Adults and a New Market of Demands

Adoption of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorders was a remarkable breakthrough in treatment that has changed the lives of people on the spectrum and those around them. It has helped countless individuals learn new skills and increase their ability to communicate and socialize. And while ABA among children can make …
Company improve its social impact work
October 11

A Social Impact Through Investment in Autism Services  

An imperative for many investors today is to do good as they do well. Socially conscious investment is fueling many sectors of the economy, from alternative energy to continuum of care communities by combining the best of the head and the heart. Savvy investors provide their business acumen and management expertise to help these industries …
A colorful autism awareness puzzle background with wood texture illustration.
September 30

A Call to Investors: Why Autism Services Needs Investment

By Dr. Ronit Molko In the past five years, private equity investors have been taking a particularly strong interest in the field of autism services. That has led to many autism services companies being acquired or receiving capital from investors. But what exactly makes the autism services field so attractive to investors? Prevalence The CDC …
Little boy standing behind the window in sad mood. Sad Teenager looking in the Window and closing his ears with hands. Unhappy child in a plaid shirt. Alone at home. Upset.
September 6

Compassion and Understanding Should Always Inform Therapy

Imagine this scenario: you are providing therapy to an autistic child and they begin to fidget, twirl their hands, rock back and forth, scream and ultimately escalate into a meltdown. They refuse to make eye contact when you attempt to engage them and continue to thrash about without apparent purpose. It is understandable to assume …
Little girl with autistic disorder playing at home, closeup of puzzles
August 17

Better Funding Through Meaningful and Standardized Outcomes

The autism services industry – grounded in a desire to help people with autism live long, happy, independent lives – is hamstrung by an inability or overall lack of interest in developing a relevant outcomes measurement system that goes beyond measures of progress for individual consumers of the services. This failure is rooted in competition …
Multiracial friends having fun and laughing drinking coffee in coffeehouse
June 26

The Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Large corporations such as SAP, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Ford, IBM, and others have recognized the competitive advantage of neurodiversity and begun to utilize the special gifts and talents of individuals with autism and other neurological differences to improve the workplace. Small businesses as well can and should utilize these benefits.  The Rising Tide carwash in …