Transforming the Autism Services Industry:

An Assessment for Investors

Investors in the autism services industry today have a remarkable opportunity.

The rapid growth of the industry and the resulting profit potential is well documented. But more importantly, investors in autism services have the rare opportunity to reshape the future of a vital industry that positively impacts individuals, families, and entire communities.

As a CEO and consultant to private equity firms, I understand and appreciate the pursuit of strong financial returns. And, as a former service provider, and someone who cares deeply about helping individuals, I believe that today’s investors have the ability to build an industry that is both profitable and transformative. Good business enables empowering results and strong results are good for business.

As an investor in this space, take a moment to step back and assess the impact of your decision beyond return on investment. Does the company in which you are investing have a track record of successful outcomes for its clients? Will your investment lead to progress in the industry, or will it enable the same practices that are currently failing many members of our community?

This short assessment is not meant to take the place of formal due diligence consulting. Rather, these 10 questions serve as an opportunity to look closely at an investment you have made—or will soon make—and to consider that investment’s potential social impact as well as its ability to meet the shifting needs of the market.

This will only take a few moments of your time, and the results could dramatically change your view of the autism services industry. Get started below.

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